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Opportunities to work with elementary students in the field of art, and education through a unique after school and summer program


The Whittier Community   Learning Center

What is the Whittier Community Learning Center?

The Whittier Community Learning Center is funded through a 21st Century Learning Centers grant. We are committed to creating quality after school and summer programs for elementary students in the community. Our program offers a supportive environment that promotes the love of learning. We do this thorough literacy-based activities that include technology, tutoring, homework help, fine arts, cultural appreciation and enrichment, as well as hands on experiential learning

Our program is looking for motivated students who want to mentor youth and encourage them through artistic expression. You can do this as a volunteer, or this could be an opportunity to do a service learning project for one of your classes.

Another opportunity is to become a committed member of the Whittier Community Learning Center Team as an employee or through UNM Work Study ($7.50 per hr). This would require you to become a UNM Service Corps/AmeriCorps member. Through the UNM Service Corps/AmeriCorps program you could earn an academic award up to $4, 600 depending on hours of service.

The Whittier Community Learning Center hours are, Monday – Friday from 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm. There are countless ways for a UNM Fine Arts student to make a difference in the lives of children. The wonderful thing about a program like ours is that you can put into practice your talents and knowledge, and share them with children from the community.

To learn more please call: Dianne Kinabrew @ 507-6388 or 255-2008 x 29318